For The Dressing:
¼ cup oil
2 tablespoons wine vinegar
1 teaspoon minced garlic (or one massive garlic cloves, minced)
2 teaspoons dried oregano (plus additional to serve)
¼ teaspoon salt
For The Salad:
1 massive cucumber, halved lengthways and sliced
4 vascular plant mature tomatoes, withdraw wedges
1 sweet pepper (capsicum), deseeded and sliced
½ purple onion, sliced thinly
7 oz | two hundred g sensible quality creamy feta cheese, cubed
½ cup (3 oz | eighty g) honeycombed Kalamata olives
1 massive avocado, diced
Whisk along dressing ingredients in jug or jar.
Mix along all of the dish ingredients during a massive bowl. Toss with dressing. Season with additional salt providing required (depending however salty your feta cheese is). To serve, sprinkle over additional oregano (optional). Serve with chicken, fish, lamb, beef, the choices ar endless!

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